A Time for Peace

-Bernabe S. Calupas (A friend from Philippines)
All over the news, people are killing people. Syrian regime slaughter fellow Syrians without even the sheer conscience that this bloodshed is but a revelation of how people have become more like beasts rather than men. What happens to humanity, to brotherhood, to unity, to order and most of all… to peace?
Human beings are people gifted with intellect to think rationally and this is a basic human fact. We have been created to grow through time and becoming better and better. But this gift now a days has been in a deep challenge. When you look around you, you see how people blinded themselves with the supposed order of things. There seems to be an amiss in what is to be right and to what is not. Our intellect is able to tell us that creating chaos and war is completely and certainly on the wrong side of the coin. We wonder, however, how people can neglect humanity and fire that shot or order the execution or bombing themselves killing all others nearby. A sad reality isn’t it? Would this be a fact of life that we have to face until the end of time?
I could not help but look back in history of how the world faces war. Even during the old times it has been a struggle that the world has to face up until the world today. The question is always “why?” It has been perplexing that throughout the history of human kind it is the people themselves that cause all these troubles. There is always no reason for people to kill or cause hurt to another and our intellect definitely tells us this. But it seems people are getting out of their right mindset and let evil rule over.
Like all things of this earth, this world too will end. As to when, we really do not know. If you take a person as an analogy, he does not know when his last day will be. So he must make the most out of his lifetime and be able to have a legacy. Every day of his life is just the moment for him to make a move and contribute to humanity. The thinking, therefore, should be that this world too will come to its end. But before it does, we the people on it must stop and think that we cannot afford to waste time killing each other to advance our personal interests at the expense of others. Let’s not wait until there will be not one person left and all that is remaining are ruins of an unfortunate planet.
We would not want that legacy would we? When the sun will cease to rise and the world will go back to where it began, let it be remembered that the human race made this place the best there is in this universe. And now is the time for us to think about that legacy, about humanity and most importantly about peace.

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