Consciousness and Trust Sensation

Confidence is one of the important human basic needs. The Holy Quran was revealed as a life guidebook and reliance source by the Creator of all human beings. The importance of trust is unquestionable for the continuation of societies and happiness. According to the Holy Quran, anyone believing in the last holy religion Islam is called as a Muslim. A Muslim is someone, everyone is sure from his hand and tongue. No Muslim is expected to charge in any evil behavior or terror.
A person who flourishes in Islamic and human values, both individual and social life, would reach the Muslim consciousness in peace and trust. The religious faith, which organizes interpersonal and external life, is the source of feeling in confident that is one of the most important and basic natural humans need. In this article called “In the light of Holy Quran the Muslim Consciousness as a Source of Trust Sensation” this perspective has been tried to be clarified.

Keywords: The Holy Quran, Life Guidebook, Trust Sensation, Muslim Consciousness, Belief, Personal Integrity, Self Confidence, Social Confidence, Peace and Trust.

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