Humanitarian Development

Human Development and Family Studies

Human Development and Family Studies explores human behavior from the perspective of lifespan development and within the context of the intimate environment of the family. As an applied field, it’s focused on how the theories – developmental stages, the effects of divorce, coping with aging, human sexuality – can illuminate relationships and behavior. From social work to marriage therapy to labor relations, Human Development and Family Studies offers numerous career possibilities.

The Human Development and Family Studies explores human capabilities and characteristics at each stage of our lives – what an infant can do, issues adolescents care about, and concerns we have as we age. From that developmental perspective, students also learn about families – how our families can influence our work, school experiences, and relationships with others, and how these parts of our lives can affect our families. The course work is multidisciplinary, drawing from psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, pediatrics, gerontology, education, history, and economics, equipping students with the necessary tools to deal with children, adults, families and relationships.




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