Dear Friends
From the pen of Prof.Dr.Yusuf Halaçoğlu
Today, the Union of Turkish World are taking an important foundation of the organization. Business of our valuable members of the support is being established the foundation of our goal, politics later, any community or society, belong to, without the Turkish World “for education, health, culture, trade and political issues to cooperate aims to. For that institution to establish the Turkish world belonging to the student dorms, establishing shelters to ensure their health problems to deal with the common cultural values on the work and activities to perform, the foundation members of the business among a reliable business environment to provide the Turkish Government and communities regarding strategic issues common to To obtain the denominator of our fields of study such issues form. Related to the Turkish Government to act in close cooperation with neighboring countries as well, in ensuring peace and stability in the region is planned to help.
As everyone knows, the Turkish World, is a world of history with vast experience. Turkish is spoken in the world today over 200 million. Of the Turkish state-owned lands to the world’s geopolitical and economic aspects are the most sensitive and rich soil. Corresponding to an event in world politics is extremely weak. To increase this efficiency, the above-mentioned issues will be able to work to be done.
Our motto is to not neglect the people and respect for human values. Created, because creating what is sacred and precious. Our sense is opposed to any kind of exploitation. When you apply them too, no distinction whatever between our states, our state all the Turkish government, flag, flags of all the Turkish government adopted a mentality that we’re moving. In any manner, in countries not to be disrespectful towards management and the management team and to stay completely outside of them as the pledges are accurate. Although respect for ideas, not God’s most precious assets that we essentially agree to use our minds. Will work in one of our honesty and dedication are indicated. States and Turkey to create cooperation between neighboring countries, the region’s stability, foreign intervention and believe that a great contribution to peace. Market is being exploited, and others could be passed in front of you on this occasion. For that we need to be trained very well-trained staff know.
Here is our foundation, therefore the first target has been directed to trained staff. Before you think that a university should kuluması this work has focused on the road. Schools in a series of other Turkish Government will also continue. Currently in Turkey to meet the accommodation needs of our students and plan to have with them. Under the foundation of a TV company. Establish a branch in Turkey every vilâyette targeted and work have become active in some cities. After the completion of formal organization, the Turkish Government after the necessary consultations, will open a branch in each country. Healthy people contact between the foundation members will be provided by foundations. In the process of being dried by the web site, all announcements and developments, the Turkish translation will be published in each polish.
As a result, the Turkish World of coming together and unity of forces arises according to the principle to act, for this cause efforts through our countries the administration of maintaining this unity ahead may arise barriers minimized to the most important mission will be. Our success, we will take our nation depends on our strength and selfless efforts. Our intentions are sincere. Those who are sincere in their intention to straight path. We will work with the permission of Allah, this is a sincere effort.

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