Human and Social Development (HuSDe) takes into account disciplines such as education, sociology, psychology, anthropology, religious sciences, cultural codes and universal values.

           Contributing to individual and social development of human as the object and subject of life, creating self awareness about family wellbeing, corporate culture, social tolerance and global development.

With the discussions and comprehension of the HuSDe Strategies, It aims to provide EU and Turkey qualifications frame and learning outcomes of the department through HaSDe Concepts, HaSDe Principles, HuSDe Approach Styles, HuSDe Theories, HuSDe Seven-Point Power System, and HuSDe sub-fields.

Human and Social Development” aims the transference of correct information to real life with interdisciplinary study pattern.

Humanistic and Social Development, which takes meeting by the virtue of existence, fertileness, quality, value, needs and expectations into consideration; was focused in terms of humanistic, familial, corporate, social and global development patterns.

Humanistic Development focuses on affirming the Unity in the axis of heart, head, pocket and belt, mentioned the importance of appropriateness of attitudes and behaviors to beliefs and values.

It was stressed that Familial Development is about the path towards marriage, inter-family communication, small family-big family connections, education of children, and breaking points after loss of family members, partition of inheritance, and modification of moral genetics of society.

It was stressed that Corporate Development is about total quality management in the operation of corporate, the delivery of the service, corporate culture, healthy production and taking necessary precautions for administration.

It was mentioned that Social Development is engaged with healthy function of communication web between society layers and Global Development is the provision of carried mission for the use of all humanity. Seven-power systematics of Humanistic and Social Development, approaches and principles were emphasized.

Dr. Hüseyin Emin SERT,

Interested in “Human and Social Development”

personel, family, organization, social and global level.

Life Story / Biography
Human and Social Development Specialist, Dr. Hüseyin Emin SERT, was born in 1967 in Ordu/Perşembe. Lived in the Netherlands for 8 months in 1972. Graduated from the elementary school in 1978.
Secondary school completed in Samsun (1979-84). Graduated from Kayseri Erciyes University Faculty of Theology (1984-89).
Studied in Istanbul, training and seminars, socio-cultural atmosphere with Dersaadet’in was not breathing deeply (1989-92). Sivas has Gemerek İnkışla’daöğretmenlik services (1992-95).
Elazig Firat University, Faculty of Theology, was appointed as the Research Assistant (1995). Found in research in Egypt-Cairo (1997). Doctor of Science was in 2002. Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the “Importers and Exporters Training Program” attended to.
Hard Yeşilay member, Vatani task Erzurum Kandilli “Consulting and Counseling Center” was completed in 2003. 2007 Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Mecca-Medina, visited Iraq in 2008 K. found. M.Ü. Faculty of Business Administration at the “Leaders for the Future: Management’08” took place in organizing.
“Our Life in the 3rd eye”, a TV program to do, “Flow of Life” and “Capital Life” corner posts, newspaper and magazine articles are being published, many in panels, conferences and seminars to attend. English and Arabic as the language by using information and communication globalization is open to the sea.
Fırat University, research, monitoring, review and work in progress, www.insgem.com of human and Social Development with the idea of an academic doctorate abroad post aims to strengthen the floor.

Currently at Istanbul Medeniyet University www.medeniyet.edu.tr

Writer and TV Program maker. Interested in human happiness, human nature, world peace, human behavior. Married with 3 kids.

From his mouth;

I like to do plan and coordinate all kind business activities, logistics for interviews and employment offers, interviewing candidates.

Conduct presentations, corporate introductions, corporate training etc.

I would like to coordinate trainings. I can prepare presentations and standard reports, I like to give some education and lectur too.

I would like to maintain human resources policy. I can be candidate for Human Resources Department or any other relation part of business, specially Consulting for business or social and personel life relation.

I have doctorate in Social Sciences (phD). I have many online friend around the world. I can speak in English and Arabic and expresses myself well. I would like to learn and grow within the human behavior, nature and resource or other social fields.

I am able to handle with multiple tasks at the same time. Work cooperatively with others to be part of a team, like to travel for job inside Türkiye and around the world.

I have attention to detail and accuracy, analytical. I like to work effectively.

My book is interested in “Human Types and their Behavior in the light of Noble Quran”. Even if I am researcher I have more care and interest in Business activities, human resource and bahavior, social life relation, family relation, human happiness and world peace.

If I can see the way of future, I can think do cooparate in full time business activities.

I like to work for world peace and human happiness.

I interested in network marketing.

I care for person and social heath.

I would like to give consultation who need that. If I could help any people that make me more happy.

I would like to talk about happines and job oppurtunity.

“The most important person, who with you are.”