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Doktora tezi «Kur’ân’da İNSAN Tipleri ve Davranışları» ismiyle 2003’de yayınlanmış, 2 baskı yapmış, şu an mevcudu kalmamıştır. Her bir bölümün müstakil olarak,

3 ayrı kitap olarak yayınlanması planlanmaktadır.

Kur’ân’da İnsan Tipleri ve Davranışları


This study entitled “Human Types and Their Behavior in the Light of the Holy Qur’an”, tries to contribute a new approach to the Qur’an, through analyzing the other related social science. The Qur’an, Muslim’s Holy book, needs new and contemporary interpretations for its continuing its own validity and actuality.

The study consist of one introduction and three chapters. The introduction deals with the importance of the topic, its methods, comprehension, method and wellspring.

The first chapter examines the problem of “human beings and their behavior.” In addition, it elaborates the nature of human beings and the basis of human behavior from the psychological and Quranic perspective. At the same time we talk about knowledge, mind, intent and behavior relation and faith, worship and conduct relation and life comprehension and behavior relation too.

The second chapter traces “the human types and their behavior in the light of the Quran.” In this context, the believer (mü’min), the non-believer (kafir), the hypocrite (münafık), the people of the book (ehl-i kitap) and their behavioral characteristic on which the quran focused are examined. And you will find there some good behavioral principles also.

The third chapter investigates some good-laudable and bad-condemned behavior which cannot be assigned to a particular faith group. And there is some ideal behavior theories as well.

It concludes that human beings are evaluated by their own behavior. The Quran speaks of varied behavioral characteristic belonging to particular groups. However, according to Quran the best and worty behavior belongs to the believers.

The study aims at bringing a new and contemporary approach to the human types in the socio-psychological area in the light of the Holy Quran.

Note: If anyone that want or think about translating this book from Turkish to English and Arabic or any other languages that would be very nice for humanity as Holy Qur’anic message.

“Kitap medeniyetlerin temelidir.” 

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